Dooryard Property Management


Dooryard Property Management INC. is a full service property leasing and management company, located in central New Brunswick, with a focus on residential leasing, from single family homes to multi-unit buildings. We are an E- landlord with Service New Brunswick (SNB), which means tenants are able to send security deposits to us and we submit them directly to SNB; saving time and effort for all parties involved. Our process begins with the marketing of the property. In our experience the better the property is marketed, the higher number of suitable applications we will receive. Our marketing includes a yard sign with custom sign topper describing the unit(s), Facebook sponsored ad, kijiji ad, posts on local Realtor® Needs & Wants pages and much more!

When viewing requests come in, if the unit is occupied, a day & time will be selected to accommodate all parties, if possible. Current and future tenants’ needs are always taken into consideration. Viewing requests are scheduled in 20-30 minute increments. Each property has its own culture, the goal is to find a future tenant that will best fit that culture. Potential tenants must fill out an application form (see Services for Tenants).

Once a potential tenant is selected, they are required to fill out the proper lease form supplied by SNB (see Resources). On move in day, the Accommodation Inspection report form is completed at the apartment. When the deposit is submitted in full, the lease and accommodation report are signed, then and only then, are keys given to the tenant. The accommodation report is also completed again on the move out day to ensure no damage has occurred to the apartment.

Rent is collected each month from the tenant and is transferred to the landlord minus applicable fees. Landlords are emailed monthly statements that highlight fees and maintenance completed during the previous month.

We are on call 24/7 incase any issues arise with the tenants or the property. We work with trusted, certified companies on a regular basis to ensure any maintenance that needs to be taken care of, is done in a timely manner.

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